Coming up at Casa SaltShaker…

Last weekend of this month, spaces available on Sunday the 1st, a dinner focused on corn, in various guises – don’t worry, it won’t be all one note. Dishes will be focused on inspirations from Mexico, Central America, and Peru, so expect a touch of spice!

Starting with the next weekend (after 2/1/09), we will be raising our prices a bit with a 12% increase from AR$125 to AR$150 for the full package – welcome cocktail, five courses with five paired wines, bottled water, coffee/tea. For those who don’t drink wine, the price rises from AR$90 to AR$100.

February is scheduled out with dinners inspired by the cuisine of Singapore on the weekend of the 6th and 7th, a mystery weekend on the 13th and 14th – various ideas I’ve been working on here in the kitchen, and a polyglot weekend (which pretty much means more mystery and things percolating in my brain) on the 20th and 21st. Spaces available all three weekends. More detail at:  

We’ve also started offering a regular series of classes, for the moment in English, on various topics. We have a one session class coming up on Tuesday the 10th looking at everyone’s favorite tentacled denizen of the deep, the squid; a day of nuts and chickens on Tuesday the 17th; and a five session class for the month of March, Tuesday mornings, focusing on the northern regions of Italy. Details on our site at:

Hope all is well with everyone!

Casa SaltShaker



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